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  • Remembering Joe Martin 1934-2019

    Jonathan Brant

    Listen to Joe Martin telling and reflecting on his remarkable life story.

  • Talks from our Mental Health and Well-being conference for postgra...

    Oxford Pastorate

    A recording of three talks from the morning session of our 'Flourishing' day conference on well-being and mental health for postgraduates.

  • James K.A.Smith: You Are What You Love.

    Oxford Pastorate

    Interview with James K.A. Smith in Oxford: 30 November 2018

  • ​Practising the Art of Good Hope

    Ed Brooks

    Edward Brooks suggests how we might practice the art of good hope.

  • ​The Virtue of Honesty

    Ed Brooks

    Looking the work of two academics, Ed Brooks offers insight into how we might cultivate the virtue of honesty as individuals and as a society.

  • The Richness of Well Wasted Time

    Carl Hildebrand

    Carl Hildebrand suggests a person is wealthy when they devote time to communion with others, intellectual inquiry, and the appreciation of beauty...

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