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Book Review: God and the Illegal Alien by Robert Heimburger

The Oxford Pastorate intentionally inhabits the space between the Church and the University, seeking to pioneer pathways, create opportunities, and cultivate scholarly Christians to bridge the gap between the two institutions. Many of our team members live out the same vocation, ministering as academics and researching as Christians.

In light of this calling, we are delighted to present God and the Illegal Alien (Cambridge University Press, 2018) by Associate Chaplain, Developing a Christian Mind and Christians in Academia Coordinator, Robert Heimburger. The fruit of Rob’s DPhil research, this important monograph brings profound Scriptural, theological and ethical reflection to bear on the vexed issue of immigration. Importantly, Rob doesn’t remain at the level of the abstract but digs deep into the granular matter of real world problems, focusing on individuals and situations with an eye-opening specificity.

You can read a review of Rob’s book by well-known scholar-priest Peter Leithart here.

You can watch and listen to Rob speaking about the book here.

You can purchase God and the Illegal Alien here