JAD 6961



Jesus for Skeptics

26th October - 30th November 2018


Jesus for Skeptics

What’s the content? The course is based on John Dickson’s book, ‘A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus: an introduction to the man from Nazareth for believers and skeptics’. He blends discussion of historical sources with signposts to contemporary scholarship and broader faith-based discussion; it’s a short but compelling book which is great for stimulating discussion. Each week we’ll hear a brief presentation and then open up to discussion… where no question or comment is off limits!

Who? Postgraduates and Post-docs

Where and when? We’ll meet on Friday lunchtimes at 1pm in the upstairs meeting room of the Mitre pub, 17 High Street. A light lunch will be provided free of charge.

What’s the commitment? There’s no commitment – please just come along to try it out… and if you like it, come back the next week! The course runs for 7 weeks, (with postponed start date to original advert of 19th Oct) starting 26th October.

I still need convincing… John Dickson begins his book with the following observation: ‘Jesus the political rebel. Jesus the guru. Jesus the right-wing crusader. Jesus the left-wing activist. Jesus married-with-three-children-then-divorced. Jesus who never lived. Whether through misinformation, wishful thinking, or prejudice – and sometimes all three – the Jesus of public imagination is often markedly different from the figure we find in our earliest sources. Our assumptions prove misleading.’

‘Jesus for Skeptics’ aims to interrogate all these perspectives on Jesus and more, in a way that honours both open questions and theological scholarship.

What now? RSVP if you intend to come (and please indicate any dietary requirements) by emailing christopher.landau@oxfordpastorate.org

Start: 26th October 2018 at 13:00
End: 30th November 2018 at 14:00
Mitre pub, 17 High Street